• 3650 NW 82 ave PH504, Miami, FL, 33166, USA
  • (305) 760-6737
  • 3650 NW 82 ave PH504, Miami, FL, 33166, USA
  • (305) 760-6737

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We Are Global Dreams USA


Our mission is to contribute with underprivileged young adults’ college education in Colombia and the United States of America. Increase the index of graduated students that are part of the vulnerable population to break the patron and encourage them to return to society helping other youth in the same situation.

Meet our scholars

Global Dreams has an ongoing support for the youth Colombian people during the pandemic

We want them to achieve their goals and not give up their dreams. These testimonials give us strength to continue fighting for them.

Juan Trujillo

Jonathan Plaza

Jonathan Niño

Successful Stories

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"My biggest and most sincere thanks to all of you. May God continue to fill you with health and life so that you can continue this wonderful social program so that many young people have the opportunity and blessing that we have had from your support. A million thanks will never be enough to share the gratitude that recognizes that people so far from my life are concerned about my future. This gives my life motivation every day, to continue moving forward to be a better person, not just professionally, but a person with human values and principles, humility, and solidarity/outreach with people who need it the most. While God drives everything, it’s not always about financial support, but amount the motivation and joy I get from a simple email, even five lines. They mean a lot to me, you can imagine what they can do for other young people. May God bless you."
- Karen Yaya Castaño